"Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin"

Earlier this year during the heart of the Covid-19 Pandemic God opened a door for Evident that we as a Church had been praying for, for a long time. When we launched in 2017 the space we had was a blessing but we quickly found out that a little more was needed.


Thankful for a growing church and the need to have a space for Kids we where able to obtain a little more space but more room was a big need for us. After looking at multiple locations throughout Lenoir and Hudson nothing ever seemed to work, whether it was price or mold, nothing was doable.

So in May of this year our we went to look at a new space, not thinking much would come of it as so many others didn't, this one actually had potential and fit within the budget of the Church.


In June of 2020 we signed the lease and got to work. We knew there was a lot of work needed to get the space ready and away we went. We have been hard it for well over a month now and a lot of progress has been made and still so much to do. With ceiling tiles being replaced, walls came down, paint went up and we are praying for an August finish, if everything goes as planned. This new space give us plenty of room to expand and have the space for our Youth and Kids programs. 

So thank you to each person that has poured in literally blood, sweat and tears over the past weeks, we would not be this far without each of you. We can't wait to open and worship God for his continued blessings!