MARK 10:45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”


Evident Worship exists so that those who have had a craving for Jesus ignited within them may be able to express their worshipful response to God. Our heart is that through observing a worship experience, those who do not know Jesus would leave asking the question, “Who is this Jesus and why do they enjoy praising Him?”



Our volunteers are expected to play a role in the Worship Experience as often as possible. When scheduled, volunteers will attend one rehearsal throughout the week (usually Saturday night) and be in attendance for soundcheck on Sunday morning. Production Team specializes in audio, video, and lighting. Previous experience is great but no experience is welcomed. Our team will gladly train you in the areas of Production.


Who can be involved?

All musicians, vocalists, rappers, songwriters, and poets with previous performance experience are welcome to sign up which can be from the link below. Sign Up 

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The first time guest decides within the first few minutes whether he or she will return for a second time visit. A second time guest is our "win". Whether serving on the parking team, as a greeter, or manning the Guest Experience table, every interaction with new guests matters! We strive to make sure everyone feels welcomed and loved from the moment they step foot out of their cars to the moment they pull out of the parking lot.



Welcome Team volunteers are asked to serve as often as possible or at least 2 Sundays a month. 

Who can be involved?

Anyone who can smile and give a high five can find a place to serve on the Welcome Team! Girls and guys ages 15 and up are welcome, even younger ages when paired with an adult. We are a family friendly church and we love families that serve together. Volunteer


Serving with Evident Kids is a great opportunity to connect with Kids within our Church. Each Sunday we work towards engaging our Kids through song, lessons and free time. With a focus to see your child's faith grow and to connect with Jesus in a fun and interactive way. 



Evident Kids volunteers are asked to serve as often as possible or at least 2 Sundays a month. 

Who can be involved?

If you have a passion to see kids grow in their faith, connect with Christ and a love for Kids. Each Volunteer will go through a screening process before working with our kids. We take our kids safety very seriously and there will always be 2 people in the room each Sunday. Volunteer

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Outreach is a pivotal part of Evident as we believe in being a church without walls and using as many resources as possible to reach into our community and our world. We partner with local organizations so that what we give will make most impact. Our Pastor has been on numerous trips to Haiti and has a heart for that country and it's people. If you are interested in joining a team for local or global mission please contact us. 

Who can be involved?

Anyone who is wanting to serve their community or be in global missions is welcome to reach out.


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Whether it's greeting guests at the door on Sunday, joining the worship team, or leading a Connect Group, there are plenty of opportunities to serve and belong at Evident.

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Serving Others

Did you know God wants to use your unique array of gifts, talents, experience and passions to make a difference?

Our lives are way too precious and important to God to spend it all on ourselves, yet it is not a harsh sense of obligation that compels us to action. The love we share for Jesus and others has an uncanny way of overflowing in our lives, shifting our priorities and how we spend our time and energy.

Serving others is an outward display of the change God has made in our hearts, loving our neighbor as ourselves in real and practical ways. 

We invite you to take the next step and volunteer today. It's a great way to meet new people, get involved in the life of the church and grow your relationship with Jesus. Opportunities to serve are as diverse and numerous as they are rewarding.